Monday, January 17, 2011

If You Were My Boyfriend...

Exceptional women deserve delicious men. This is what mine - and hopefully yours!- looks like when I close my eyes and dream...

If you were my boyfriend, you'd baby me when I'm sick in bed. You'd let yourself in, turn on all my twinkly lights, and bring me a tray. There would be hot tea with the perfect amount of honey and maybe even a shot of whiskey to soothe my throat, and the best take-away chicken noodle soup in town. I'd giggle at how you poured the soup into one of my little vintage china bowls, erased all signs of plastic utensils, lit a few candles, and insisted on feeding me.

I'd love learning that I love to be fed.

If you were my boyfriend, you wouldn't be scared of a fever. You'd press your cool hand to my forehead, tell me I felt a little hot, and then give me your naughty grin.

"You look even hotter," you'd say. And I'd believe you. Because if you were my boyfriend, I could tell when you were telling the truth. Because if you were my boyfriend, you'd always tell me the truth.

I wouldn't know if it was the soup, the twinkly lights, the charming conversation, or the whiskey, but you'd make me feel better almost instantly.

"How about a nice soak?" you'd ask, not even waiting for my answer. Because if you were my boyfriend, you'd know I never say no to a soak.

When you were sure I was safely submerged in suds, you'd tell me you'd be back in about thirty minutes. I would barely be able to conceal my disappointment.

"You're leaving me?" I'd ask incredulously. "You're leaving me in the tub?"

You'd just wink, slide out the door, and whistle for my big bad wolf Max.

Of course you would think of my poor puppy, housebound all day with my fever. Because if you were my boyfriend, you'd love everything I love and take care of all things mine with the utmost care.

Especially my heart.

I'm so glad you all encouraged me to make this a weekly feature; I'm madly in love with love, and this starts my week off with lots of it. If you'd like, send me some of your love's sweet everythings he or she does for you. I'd love to hear your love stories! Photos from here, here, and here.