Saturday, January 15, 2011


One of my clients is completely adorable. Her new baby's cheeks are positively edible. And the way her husband looks at them is drop dead drool-worthy. He calls them both Lover, his tone and intentions changing ever-so-subtly depending on which Lover he is addressing.

They have charmed me.

At a showing last week, she looked at me and sighed. "I would die to have your body."

She asked how I kept in shape, and I mentioned my long runs with my big bad wolf Max that turn into sprints through yards after squirrels.

"Oh, and I hoop at the Toluca Lake Tennis Club," I added. "I do it every day. You should join me!"

"Basketball?" my 5'2" client frowned and shook her head. "It's never been my thing."

"No!" I assured her. "Basketball's not my thing, either! Hula-hooping!"

She giggled for at least ten minutes. I was in the middle of showing them a pretty amazing property with a gorgeous blue view, and she couldn't focus for anything. Her laughter made her husband laugh, and then their baby laughed so hard she got the hiccups! 

So we all stopped and had a good laugh. Who knew that such an old-school childhood toy could give you a killer naked-body? Because that's why we're all working out, isn't it?

I'm still kind of giggling about our conversation. And marveling at the idea of my client wishing for a body like mine. I wonder if she knows I feel the exact same way about her life?

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