Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Give Me Flour...

I dream about food when I'm not dreaming about love.

Now I'm dreaming about loving the food served on Give Me Flour. Hands down, one of the sexiest foodie sites I've found. I've had to stop myself twice from licking my monitor.

And she's only written six posts.

Speaking of love, remember my friend? She ended things with her man, once and seemingly for all. Your words helped her. All of a sudden, she realized she was only breathing when he was right in front of her. When he wasn't, she wasn't. She's devastated, and still not really breathing normally yet, but she feels...

Well, I guess she feels devastated. Thank you again for your amazing advice; I know she appreciated it. I did, too. If you've got any other words of encouragement about broken hearts and moving on and even breathing, I'll be sure to share them with her.

All photos from Give Me Flour.