Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If I Were Your Realtor...{Bunny Victorious}

If I were Bunny Victorious' realtor, she would not be my client for long. Truly, there's only one home for a girl like Bunny. And I would be the one to show it to her.

It would be all about the kitchen, so welcome to Bunny's new kitchen. It has space and light and the island slides politely out of the way for impromptu dance parties. Girls like Bunny require impromptu dance parties in the kitchen upon their every whim. Or at least after every dinner.

After the all-important kitchen, it would be all about the view. Girls like Bunny require inspirational views wherever they look. And wouldn't you know that I am a very good realtor who gives very good view. The scenery from her bedroom would look like this, then. 

The view from her Mama's guest room would look like this.

But Puppy's bedroom view would be a little more romantic. Rightly so, as puppies like Bunny's Puppy require  romantic views.

Being Bunny's realtor is fun.

I would show her the library, and she would stand there for five minutes, at least, with her jaw dropped wide open.

When she could finally speak, her voice would shake a little. "All this space for my books," she'd whisper.

Girls like Bunny Victorious have their priorities in perfect order, don't they?

Visit Raleigh-Elizabeth at Bunny Victorious and DC Whip. Kitchen and bedroom via encore une minute. The views and library found on the vast wasteland of Tumblr, their origins long misplaced. My apologies. I am a very good realtor, but not as good at reblogging.