Monday, December 20, 2010

Twenty Questions...

I love nothing more than a hot conversation. How much fun is a night of delightful discourse that gets your heart beats dancing? Nothing controversial. Just...scintillating.

For me, it's tremendously much fun. Which is why I created my Twenty Questions notecards.

They're the most beautiful things I've ever made. I can't stop touching them and shuffling through them and trying out all my best questions on my friends.

Let me tell you: they work. One of my bests started with one little question yesterday, and kept texting me excitedly about the lovely convo happening with her man. How sweet is that? (And yes, I told her to stop texting me and concentrate on the dialogue!)

The cards are like a handful of gumballs, which makes me so happy. I asked Richele to help me design them, and she was a dream. I first met Richele through Rachel Zoe, and fell in love with her style immediately. If you ever need an amazing designer, she's it.

I hope you want to buy two sets; one to give and one to keep. Can you imagine the conversations you'll have? I can...

Order your own set here. I'll probably throw in a 2011 calendar, too! It's the holidays, after all! XXX. Jamie.