Friday, December 17, 2010

Flipped Out...

Last night, I drowned a little in an Australian Vogue Living I'd picked up late this summer but somehow misplaced. As a realtor in a busy market plus a self-confessed I Want To Try That! junkie, I have a hard time finding lazy lounge time. Well, I found it.

A few things I wanted to share...

Rossana Orlandi has a gallery of our dreams. Don't even get me started on her glasses. Wouldn't you die a little for a wall of boxes? What treasures would you store in them all?

I think I'd collect perfectly mismatched copperware and earrings. All the fortune cookie fortunes I can't bear to throw away. Pocket watches, even though none of my clothes even have pockets! Cloisonn√© boxes, which would be silly, wouldn't it? Boxes in boxes? But this is a dream, so I think it's ok.

This restaurant wall made my heart skip around the room. I think it would be good for the soul to eat in a bed of greens.

And then there were the boys. The Captains of Industry. A gentleman's club in Melbourne where a very cool triumvirate brings it back old-school. There's bespoke suits, handmade shoes, and a barber on the side, all served up with good coffee and a little afternoon gin tonic. That aqua cup just sends me...

Confession: I may have also gotten a little underwater in an inspired gin before bed! It was that kind of day, I guess. Or maybe it was just a most excellent issue!

See more of Rossana Orlandi's gallery here, plus visit her site here; it makes the cutest little noises! So does Pane e Acqua'a site.