Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Heirlooms...

I wish you could have been at my Halloween party.

It turned out better than splendidly, even though I didn't make even one of these little devils. My do-it-yourself dreams always turn into hire-it-out reality. I wish I could tell you a different story full of poor little old me details about slaving over homemade lasagna cupcakes and mini maple strudel bundt cakes, but I cannot.

I don't feel too badly about it, though, because the fare and festivities were too much fun!

The entire evening was held outside, all alight with with lanterns and my glowing fire pit. I set up long tables and covered them with butcher paper and carving tools and pumpkins ready for carving.

The lasagna cupcakes were from heirloom LA, and they were more marvelous than their reviews if that's at all possible. There were wild mushroom polenta cakes, out of this world cheese boards, charcuterie platters, and a mouth-watering variety of crostinis. In addition to those mini maple bundts, I also served pumpkin cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream frosting and dark chocolate fudge.

I'm closing my eyes right now and remembering all the yumminess. Give me a second, please.

Okay. I'm back. Would you like to know about the drinks? My guests and I quenched with fab bubbly, pumpkin ale, and candy apple martinis.

It all sounds lovely, doesn't it? And I haven't even told you the best part. My favorite part. The only part that really makes me smile all day and night.

The best, favorite, smiling part of my Halloween party was the magic that made it all come to life, otherwise known as my friends and family.

They're my true treats.

Read about heirloom LA here; it's such a good story. Also, all photos came from heirloom LA's website and blog with the exception of the second one, taken by Tara Maxey and found here.