Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If I Were Your Realtor, {Reverie Daydream}...

If I were Melissa's realtor, I'd honestly pinch myself. And then I'd get to work, brainstorming a brilliant wishlist for this most wonderful artist.

There would be a few musts, beginning with the view. Because this is Melissa's current view. Impossible to match, I know.

But I am a very good realtor, so I would gently suggest that this view could possibly work...

She would agree, mainly because she would love the idea of her little cherub, Gaia Miette, swimming so near the skies. There would also be a nonstop landscape for her McDreamy husband to paint. Because of course her soulmate would be an artist, too.

Speaking of Gaia Miette, she would need a place to rest. And dream. And create.

This could work for my budding artist, you would say. Does the puppy come with the room?

Anything for you, I would answer calmly while frantically dialing the listing realtor and begging for the puppy to convey. Of course, he would. His name would be Pickle.

I'd notice that it would be the smallest of details that would touch you in every home we toured. Like the way the branches in this bath's view looked like an upturned heart.

The sweet chalkboard headboard in this room would move you to gasp.

Your husband would just smile and shake his head. He would be accustomed to your artist's eye, however, and simply wait for you to notice the incredible scenery staring through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Eventually, after giggling about the wheels on the bed and trying to get a closer look at the painting high above it, you would indeed notice the incredible scenery. There would certainly be another gasp.

But it would be the kitchen that sealed the deal. You'd want to touch the stonework, run your fingers along the cabinets, spray the faucet, open the Smeg, and find out what was behind that door.

You would probably hug one of the columns, too. We all would, probably.

The very best part? There would even be a place for Violet. And Claude.

In order of appearance, photo credits are Sotheby's, Interior Decline, and the remaining shots were borrowed from Taverne-Agency. I tried my best to directly link the Taverne-Agency photos to no avail. I hope this is okay! I simply wanted to tell a sweet story about Melissa, who has been a shining burst of inspiration since I began this little blog. Her words of encouragement mean the world to me. Please visit her blog here, her shop here, and coo over her brand new elephants here. Blessings, everyone!