Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Thirty years old and still sneaking around at night, she thought to herself with a proud little smile. She fancied herself a fairy of sorts, cans of spray paint as her wings, and the words she scrawled the magic she left behind.

She was not the sort of girl you'd expect to see in those parts of town, but there she was and there she'd stay. As long as there were gray, lonely walls and gray, lonely people...she'd stay.

Tonight, she was in the middle of an epic masterpiece. Epic. But, then, she said that about all her public art. Tonight's read ONE DAY, YOUR LIFE WILL FLASH BEFORE YOUR EYES...MAKE SURE IT'S WORTH WATCHING. An insane splash of violets and blues to match the words she wrote yesterday in turquoise: FALL HOPELESSLY IN LOVE WITH TODAY. Have you seen it? Epic, right?

And just when she was almost through, she felt a chill up her spine. Someone was watching her.


She turned around slowly, prepared to run if necessary. And there was a police car, sliding slowly by.


They locked eyes, and something passed between them. Something beautiful and unexpected. And he nodded, almost like a salute, and kept on cruising.

Yeah. She was making sure her life would make a brilliant movie. It was definitely keeping her on the edge of her seat.