Monday, October 24, 2011


It's been too long. I miss you. 

Multiply those two sentences by ten thousand, and you might begin to understand how I'm feeling.

For those of you who follow me on twitter or facebook, you already know I broke myself a few weeks ago. Ouch. I am finally tiptoeing around my house and garden again, and hoping to dance in my kitchen within the week! I concoct much more mouth-watering meals when I'm dancing with my ingredients. Are you the same kind of a cook?

One thing I've noticed while healing is that being's such a gift. It's like a chance to build yourself better this time.

I'm trying new things. New ways of doing everything. I have to. My old ways weren't working with my injuries! I'm more careful. More intentional. Thoughtful of every step I make, which makes every step a lot more...thoughtful. I move a little slower - not for long! - and think a little faster. It's  painful and wonderful all at once.

Please save a space in your day for my words. I'll be back soon. Better than ever. In a lot of ways!

Tell me how you're doing, will you? I want to hear all about it!