Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Very Important Date...

On October first of 2010, I began this blog. And if you asked me back then why I started Souled, I would've had a hard time coming up with anything

I guess I wanted a space where I could try to write what was in my heart. One where I could paste gorgeous pictures that made me gasp. Just a place to put all my paragraphs and share them with my friends.

But if you asked me now? I'd tell you everything.

Because I learned that my soul can speak, and it has a lot to tell the world. I learned that there's more than snapshots and paragraphs that make me gasp.

It's my friends. Ages old and rather new and just-made-yesterday and hoping-to-meet-someday-soon. Most days, I write to make their tomorrows a little brighter. Just as they all do for me.

See? I told you. Everything.

Things may be quiet around here next week. Anniversaries are a good time to add a little spice into things, so I'm planning a hot redesign and a few extras to show you how much this all means to me. I'll keep you posted and visit you daily until then! XXX.