Friday, July 8, 2011

A Saturday Recipe...

My Saturdays are pretty delicious. I thought you might like my recipe...

First, close your eyes and imagine all the loves with whom you want to spend your day. Add three or four more than the ones that came to mind immediately...for flavor. Chill as many buckets of Bohemia and Prosecco, and feel free to uncork one at least an hour before your first guest arrives...for flavor!

Drag your longest table outside. Couches, too. And if you've got long enough extension cords, feel free to haul out a few lamps. When I'm setting the table, I usually place a small bowl with almost-risen pizza dough at each place setting. Instead of centerpieces, the middle of the table is overflowing with bowls of herbs, plates of cheese, meats and sauces and anything else to make a dreamy pizza. 

Don't forget melon and prosciutto and dozens of sweets for nibbling, one responsible boy in a crisp white apron to man the grill, and one ripe sunset to taste.

Add a shot of Bon Iver just before serving. Best enjoyed at room temperature.

I'm always on the lookout for a genius recipe for a lazy weekend afternoon...will you share one of yours? Just in time for this weekend! Oh, I've been dreaming about her since Sunday, haven't you? Photo found among my pins.