Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Second Date...

They met for a late afternoon stroll on the beach. He'd spent the morning buying flowers and thinking of ways to fill any awkward silences. She'd done the same, minus the flowers but plus changing her outfit three times.

She was as beautiful as he remembered, and he was as honest and earnest as she remembered. He was everything else, too - gorgeous, smart, successful, and hot as hell - but it was his honesty and the way he tried, the way he made an effort, that charmed her to the moon.

So they walked together and smiled at the golden sun, but more at each other. There were no awkward silences, and he couldn't keep his eyes away from the way her dress fell from her shoulders when she waved her arms excitedly or held her hair back in the sea breeze. 

They grabbed a mojito from a little surf shack bar, trying to brush away sand and sunshine sweat while they talked about everything they shouldn't: politics, religion...and sex. The bartender lit a tiny lantern in front of them, interrupting their conversation about babies, but they'd already said what needed to be said. Babies, they agreed, made the world smile.

There was silence then, but nothing awkward about it. This was something different. This was something neither had felt before. Not this soon and not this hard. This was...contentment. 

They both looked at the sky and sighed. And the sky replied, "You're so welcome."

The early evening sun gently suggested they settle up their check and head their separate ways to wash up for dinner. Instead, they ordered another round and decided it wasn't such a bad idea to stay and be dirty together.

Always a better choice, isn't it? Have you ever gotten lost in between lunch and dinner? I love those kinds of days! Couple in the sand found among my pins.