Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It was the strangest thing...

The very morning after after she met him, she started seeing messages all over town that - if she didn't know better - were little love notes from him to her.

First there was the OPEN sign, which spoke right to her heart. Poor thing had been closed for business and pleasure for years. The insurance company's warnings to protect herself from risk made her giggle. Too late, mister.

Her dry-cleaner surprised her with free cleaning, her favorite farmer at the market gave her an extra wink with a slice of pineapple - both sweet - and her lunchtime waiter sent her home with a red velvet cupcake as a thank you for how she'd made him feel. Mid-day, she even found her old cowboy hat she'd worn once upon a time when she wasn't afraid of the ride.

She felt the winds whispering to her and only her, their messages a secret that made her smile. Wherever she went, it was as though the sun was shining just for her. Birds chirped, bells pealed, and drivers waved her through. Every lyric was written by her love. About her love. And for it.

She fell happily on an empty park bench with her tea, smiling at the hazy LA afternoon, already anticipating the moon which would let her know it was time to see him again. She squinted her eyes and looked up, gasping at what she thought she'd seen. Just for a second but as unmistakeable as the love coursing through her veins. It made her want to get up and dance. Her heart already was.

So her mom was right, then. When you meet the one, she'd always said, you'll be able to see the whole rainbow. Damn, but it was a beautiful view.

More beautiful views can always be found on Oracle Fox. Pure brilliance. I could live in those posts over there, couldn't you?