Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If You Could Fly Anywhere...

I've been asked a whole lot of brilliant questions lately. Ones that make me stop and wonder about my truth before I answer. Today's was "If you could fly anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and what would you do?"

It's strange. I'd been thinking of this very thing all week, ever since a good friend of mine posted a few photos of her latest adventure. Well...maybe adventure is the wrong word. She calls them jaunts. I call them rescue missions.

She works really, really hard to give most of it away, traveling to poor countries and helping make major improvements to orphanages around the world. She's sent pictures that have made me weep. Sent me little stories that make me want to cash out my accounts and catch the next plane.

She thinks I'm exactly what these babies are missing. She thinks I could rock the ones who've never known comfort, hold the ones who've never known touch. Kiss their un-kissed foreheads, sing them to sleep, and whisper all the hopes and dreams that should fill every baby's head.

I think I could could do that, too. So...that's where I'd go.

How about you? What's beckoning you closer lately? I love it when you leave me stories!

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