Friday, April 1, 2011

Take Me Out...

It's baseball season, which is one of the sexiest times of the year.

You know me: I love everything about games of any kind. I like playing and watching with equal fervor.

I start out every game with such good intentions. I watch closely, keep track of stats and scores, and heckle the opponents when necessary. But then there's the ice-cold beers and Doyer Dogs and nachos that leave no other option than to lick the dripping cheese from your fingers.

And once you lick cheese from your fingers, the night tends to go places you can't even imagine.

Add the stars, more ice-cold beverages, and one or two cute boys trying to steal your eye away from the actual game, and it' on.

Hope with all my hope that your weekend is full of games, and that you win them all! Adorable girl found here.