Monday, April 4, 2011

Stumbling On Memories...

I was sick and lounged about most of the weekend, but found a burst of energy on Saturday afternoon to rearrange some of my rooms. An hour into that project, I stumbled on a treasure: my old Nikon FM10 manual, full of memories I had almost forgotten.

I rushed out to a photo shop to process them immediately, and I spent the rest of the weekend remembering a two year period nearly seven ago. Such a flood of happiness...

I had just graduated and lived in a tiny studio apartment on Riverside across from the LA Equestrian Center. It was very Melrose Place in so many ways. There was the pool in the middle of the complex with a constant parade of the tiniest bikinis and abs that would make you gasp out loud. There were mailboxes where you'd meet someone different at least once a week who had just landed in LA to try to make it, working at one of the studios or working on their art.

A lot of firsts happened during those two years. It was one of the most inspired times of my life. 

I have to say the pictures were a reminder of I was to being a grown-up. I've gotten good at it over the years, and that makes me a little wistful for the me I used to be. But there's no going back, is there? I wouldn't want to, anyway.

It's just nice to see that girl again in the pictures.

Feeling a little nostalgic on this Monday, but maybe a game will help lift my fog. Tell me: which Melrose Place character did you love the most? Which one would you have been? As for me, I loved Amanda but had a soft spot for Jane. And Allison annoyed me to no end! Photos from my Pinterest pins.