Thursday, March 31, 2011

Passers By...

I never tell you about my front porch, do I? I admit I'm a little partial to my private backyard oasis, but my front porch is pretty wonderful when I'm craving more noise and hustle.

I hit Olive & Thyme mostly every weeknight for a take-away of pure loveliness. I'm serious. If you live in Los Angeles, you need to grab something from them and gobble it up and then order something else. It's hands down my favorite food on the quick. Try their Fattoush Salad. If you're feeling naughty, don't miss the Macaroni, Cheese & Bacon.

So there I sit on my front porch, nibbling on anything and everything Olive & Thyme with a chilled Riesling, just watching the world walk by.

One of my favorites is a little girl whose life is full of brothers. She and I can sit there forever talking girl. She borrows my bracelets and loves on my big bad wolf Max, and I never get tired of her chatter. 

She knocks on my Dutch Door at least thirty times in as many minutes. I open the top half and pretend to be someone different every time. My list of accents I can speak fluently are growing.

I'm in love with the world passing by...and stopping for me.

I'm lucky to have places in my home that match my moods. What about you? Are you a front porch girl or a backyard hippie? Or a little of both? I'd love to hear where you unwind...And if you're in LA, your unwinding should include a taste of Olive & Thyme. Photos found on Pinterest, here and here.