Thursday, April 14, 2011

Speaking of Gardens...

I asked for your help with my back garden yesterday, and you gave me so many sexy suggestions that I'm pretty sure I can head out to some shops with a vivid picture in my head. I never get tired of how you come through my screen...

But speaking of back gardens, I'm still reeling from something that happened last week. I walked over to my neighbor's house to return the platter on which her little girl had delivered another homemade cookie just for me - swoon! - and found about six other neighbors in the backyard drinking wine and sharing a joint!

Maybe I'm naive, but it seemed so strange to me. They're all over thirty-five, all well-established and living in a highly sought-after studio neighborhood, and all parents! Whatever my personal views about weed, it just felt like it didn't exactly fit the scene. Does that make sense?

Then again, I'm always a little shocked when I get a peek into someone else's life and it's drastically different than what I expected, aren't you?

In fourth grade, I caught a glimpse of my teacher's black lacy bra under her crisp white shirt and I couldn't look her in the eyes for weeks!

It's why I never look in people's medicine cabinets or bedside tables. And, remember: I'm a realtor in LA, so it is tempting! I may be naive, but I am definitely not a sneak peeker!

How about you? Do you like knowing what goes on behind closed doors, or are you good at leaving those doors closed? Tell me if you've got any good - extra points for shocking and embarrassing! - stories. Hippie girls found here and here.