Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Back Garden...

I need some backyard assistance, if you please. Here's my magical fire-pit...

It looks better at night with all my friends lounging around it, drinks in their hands and stars in their eyes. Everyone looks beautiful in firelight, don't you think?

But usually, on nights in the garden, I end up dragging out various pieces of furniture from inside plus any spare plastic chair if the group gets too big. I have grander plans for the summer.

Can you help? 
Do you have any ideas for 
affordable yet cool 
yet conducive to lounging 
outdoor furniture? 

I don't want to spend the bank because, although I adore this bungalow cottage of mine, I am really dreaming of Malibu views or maybe a forever home in Napa. 

One more picture, only because I want to show you my big bad wolf, Max.

Oh, I love that Max with all my heart.

I appreciate your help if you can send it! Please send it, will you? Have a wonderful Wednesday...