Monday, April 18, 2011


A game my bests and I really love playing is something we call Random. There aren't really any rules or much structure at all, but it's basically a few hours of taking turns telling each other little known facts about ourselves that the others may not have known. Quickly and without thinking, which really means uncensored!

It should probably be called Blurt.

This week, I'd love to play Random with you. I'll start with five. Maybe you can add five more of your own on your own blogs?

One. I'm setting aside money to open an adoption agency, but so far I've only rescued a big bad wolf named Max and a horse named Skye. Plus a few too many Louboutins. My friends don't think I can make this  happen, only because I'd end up adopting all the babies myself. They're probably right, but every girl needs goals.

Two. Malibu views make me go weak in my knees. On one house tour, I had to sit down and someone brought me water. I felt better after pretending I lived there for a few minutes!

Three. I collect umbrellas and keep them in a stand near my Dutch door. You can't imagine how happy I get whenever it rains. I should seriously live in Seattle.

Four. I dream of giving it all up and high-tailing it to the middle of nowhere like the hippie chick I really am inside. I'd grow all my own food, wear little-to-nothing every day and night, and only head into town to buy necessities. Like beer and nail polish.

Five. I'm obsessed with photos of beautiful people smoking, even though I don't smoke myself. Also, if you're covered in tattoos, I probably find you incredibly attractive. Even though I don't even have one myself.

Do you want to play? I'm talking to you! Please say yes and post your own Random post sometime this week...I can't wait to read them! Photos borrowed from my Pinterest pins - here and here.