Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am absolutely dying over this video...

Devendra Banhart at the Rainbow House - Director's Cut from Oliver Peoples on Vimeo.

So much so that the stat police are going to knock on my door and just give me a look. "Young lady, is there something you need to tell us?" Yes, Officer. I want to be her. Also, I will take all those glasses, please. Now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to watch again.

His mustache and hair is a little distracting, but the rest is perfection. If you asked me to explain what I love, I couldn't. It's the sunlight and the bare-footed flirting and the continuous touch they share. The love card through the louvered window and the spin in his arms on the patio below. It's everything and nothing remarkable all at once.

The eye wear isn't bad, either. It's a genius campaign for Oliver Peoples.

I love when we can make this kind of connection with another, don't you? It's purely chemistry and it's rare, but so, so wonderful when it actually happens. This is a reminder to myself to soak it up next time it happens to me...

When exactly will that be? You never can tell, can you?

What do you think? Does this short film inspire you to change up things and expect a little more, too? And am I the only one who's watching this a million times?