Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kiss Kiss...

Day two of Sabrina Ward Harrison's mind-blowing The True and the Questions Journal, and I'm asked to list my top kisses of all time.

There have been a few.

But while my finger absentmindedly traces my bottom lip and my mind races with visions of firsts, stolens, lasts, and every smooch in between, I'm most moved by the memory of one.

It was one of the most difficult and devastating moments in my life. A nightmare, really. We've all been there, haven't we? Amid all the darkness, there was one kiss. Her lips on my forehead. She whispered "Don't worry...this is almost a memory."

And all of a sudden, it just was.

The power of a kiss. Gives me shivers. Will you share your most memorable kiss? I would really love to hear about it! And my Je t'aime contest had been decided...Karey M. guessed lemon and she was exactly right! So please send me your mailing address, Karey M., and I'll send off your pillow right away! XXX! Photos found here and here.