Monday, March 21, 2011

If You Were My Boyfriend...

It's about time for another round of my favorite game, don't you think? I hope you're nodding your head in emphatic agreement.

If you were my boyfriend, my heart would skip a beat every time you uttered the words "Hey, you. Want to go for a ride?" My answer would always be yes.

Because if you were my boyfriend, that simple invitation could mean anything. It could mean you'll pick me up on your motorcycle, slide a helmet on my head and gently tuck in the stray locks, and whisk me away for root beer floats and underdogs on an elementary school swingset.

"Where are we?" I'd ask dreamily, thinking time had flown for only five minutes. And then you'd name a city fifty miles from home. You would send me, you know...if you were my boyfriend.

If you were my boyfriend, I'd learn to always be ready. Pack light. Expect nothing and anticipate everything. 

That would be fine with me, I think. Because life boils down to that one question.

"Hey, you. Want to go for a ride?" Sure. Let me get a jacket.

Girl on a swing here. Boy on a bike here. Did you do anything whimsical this weekend? End up somewhere fun in the blink of an eye? I'd love to hear your tales!