Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Neighbor...

Not that one!

I have another neighbor who moved in and almost instantly made the entire neighborhood glow. She is pure incandescence, and there's nothing better than stealing time with that girl. 

Do you have neighbors like this? They're golden, aren't they? They make home feel even more so.

One night a few weeks ago, I strolled over with a bottle of red. She played the piano and we talked for hours about everything under the sun and moon. Around midnight, we embarked on a neighborhood smudging adventure.

Do you know about smudging? It may be more of a California thing, but it's the cleansing of negative feelings and bad thoughts. And now my neighborhood is officially cleared of both.

Honestly, it's just a fresh start. But one of my favorite concepts my neighbor shared with me during our outing is that all ceremonies should be entered into with a good and happy heart.

I think that applies to pretty much everything in life. And I think I just found another note to leave myself.

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