Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Deliveries and Such...

My neighbor is having a fling with the FedEx guy. Seriously, I thought this only happened in movies.

I must admit that I'm living so vicariously through her naughtiness. You know how I adore the naughtiness. But there's a small problem; her home is almost entirely windows, and my home office stares directly into it from her front door all the way to wherever they end up...well...all the way.

I've gotten really adept at keeping an eye out for the FedEx guy now. My friends know if I'm talking to them and I suddenly exclaim "OH MY GOSH! THE FEDEX GUY IS HERE!" that I'm probably not excited about a delivery. Instead, I'm frantically moving anything and everything I'll need for the next fifteen or twenty minutes out of my office and racing out of the room.

The last thing I need to see is a package that's not meant for me.

Doesn't this only happen in the movies? Oh, well. I do live in LA! Photo from here.