Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love Notes...

Are you in love with love letters?

For as long as I can remember, I've written myself notes. I find them at all the best moments.

There's a faded, almost fabric-like light blue Post-it tucked behind my American Express that reads You're worth the world. Always a lovely message to read when debating a new pair of Brian Atwoods, wouldn't you say?

I keep a penny I found on one of my favorite days in a little pocket in my favorite bag. It's glued to a dear one's business card, and I've written You're one lucky girl on the back. I am one lucky girl, and that's something worth remembering.

One of my bests recently sent me an email that I promptly printed, clipped to size, and keep pasted to my bathroom mirror. In part, it tells me every morning, noon, and night that You're the friend everyone wishes they had.

Now that is worth the world.

Do you do this, too? What do your notes tell you? I'd really love it if you shared with me! Little notes that will be added to my always-growing collection from here. Follow my own pins here.