Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If I Were Your Realtor...{The Space Between Ms. and Mrs.}

Every blog needs a poster girl. If I even think about my other blog, Cayenne Kisses, this Mrs. is mine.

She's married and loves it. Relishes her relationship. Isn't afraid to add a little spice to her sugar. And if I were her realtor, I'd find her a spot in which to celebrate it all. Someplace...what's the word?

I think tryst is the word. A secret hide-away in which to meet her Mister for lunch, where the two of them won't even think about food.

An LV duffle to hold all the necessities. And a tub for two, which is also a necessity. 

If I were her realtor, that is.

Visit the sublimely cute Mrs. right here. And a special thanks for always supporting Cayenne Kisses. It means the world to me. Secret hideaway found among my pins.