Thursday, February 10, 2011


A friend of a friend just found her man's hidden e-mail account. It didn't take much; he had fallen asleep mid-chat without signing out.

Big mistake. On so many levels.

She had been doubting him lately, but not so much that she was looking for lies. We all know these stories always begin with "Where were you?" and random wondering about why he's checking his Blackberry so often. And smiling when he does. 

She also wasn't looking to find about fifty messages between her boyfriend and several Craigslist hookers. Or, shall we say, sweet young women hoping to meet an equally sweet young man for a delicious meal at the nearest motel. For a small fee.

Could you die? I'm told she is, too.

I've never sneaked into my man's mail, have you? I think once you hit that point, it's over anyway. Right?

I promise I'll tell you a love story tomorrow, and you can tell me one, too. Maybe there will even be presents! Girlfriends who will never let you down via my pins.