Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dress Code...

My bests and I were chatting over a few too many Collins when the conversation turned to our styles. For such a tight-knit tribe, our wardrobes are really diverse. I love it.

(By the way, if one of my friend's Halston Heritage collection - Yes. It is a collection. And I die over it whenever I sneak into her closet! - shows up missing, she might want to question me as to its whereabouts. I will be out on the town wearing this!)

The question came up about who we dress for; do we dress to impress other women or men? It goes without saying that we dress first to please ourselves. Definitely. But after that? Who?

I can't, in good conscience, tell you that my Haute Hippie fringed mini and body-hugging Hervé Légers and my adored Gucci from back in the day of Tom Ford (it was a gift!) are worn to attract second glances from my girls on the weekend. They're not. But I work hard on my body and I guess I don't want to cover it all up in a menswear-inspired ensemble. Even though that's always a hot look, right? It's just not my hot look.

One friend is so cutting-edge and brave when it comes to trying out couture in the daytime. Think Costume National and the more severe Prada. This is the same girl who wore a turban ages ago but quickly escaped to the lounge to remove it after a million questions about her health and religion! Really?

She feels the most beautiful when other women admire what she's wearing. She actually said, "I can attract a man with a little leg and a low-cut top. That's easy. But when another woman stares at my style, I know I'm working."

Turban incident aside, the girl would look like a million bucks in a lab coat. Yet there have been men she's dated who question her style decisions. Poor things. They never get a second chance!

There are so many issues in the post, aren't there? All I'm asking is, whether you're single or married or a professional or a student or a mom or all of the above - except for the married/single part! - who do you dress for? I'd really love to know. 

My friends and I are obsessed with Racked LA's Street Scenes. They're brutal, but I can't tear my eyes away from the readers' reactions to strangers' styles. You've got to see the ones that rate Who Did This To You? I'd die if they stopped me! And while our dads probably enjoyed a smart Tom Collins after eighteen holes, one of my girls makes a killer Victory. It's sweet, but then...so is she.