Monday, January 3, 2011


It was an amazing holiday. I feel like I gave and got the world. Has Christmas ever worked out like that for you? I sure hope so.

One of my absolute favorite prezzies this year was this headband to complete my boho hippie weekend look...

Brought to us by an outstanding group of kick-ass women who inspire me to do more. Start your reading about them right here. You'll fall in love, too, I'll bet.

Another utterly decadent stocking stuffer was a pair of champagne sippers from Vivre

It's embarrassing how happy these two little straws make me. I'll share my champers or any drink for the chance to use them! Just ask.

By far, though, the loveliest gifts this season were three I made myself: thank-you letters to the ones I adore most. More difficult to write than any blog post or any of my naughty  texts, but oh, did they make my heart swell with love.

I've told you this a million times, but just saying it makes for the scariest, most thrilling, most wonderful moments in life. May you - and I - continue to just say it in 2011. Cheers, everyone!