Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If I Were Your Realtor...{Crush Party}

I'll be completely honest: I was nervous about this one. I am a very good realtor, but to find a perfect home...the perfect home...for a woman who is known as the Champagne Maker is, to say the least, an impossibility.

I've just spent approximately twenty minutes lost in her blog and her tumblr in a mad attempt to choose my favorite treasure from her impeccably curated collections. It is, to say the least, an impossibility.

Here's one find she's saved to show us all...

I like to imagine this is her life. Onward, then, to her new home. Found first on {frolic}, it has mesmerized me ever since. Definitely a home beyond suitable for a champagne maker, don't you agree?

Do you see that necessary ladder in the back corner? It would make my newest client put her hands on her cheeks and declare something cool like "I have a fabulous collection of vintage French globes just perfect for that tiny nest!" I just know she would be a declarer of cool.

The kitchen might almost seal the deal, from the sunlight, the butcher block, the view from the sink, and even the eggplant. But Crush Party knows kitchens. She finds the best and the brightest, shares them, and then finds more. So on to the dining area.

And then to her study.

"It can't get better than this," she'd whisper. But,  remember: I am a very good realtor. And it always gets better. Because here's her roommate.

I'll bet Crush Party adores show tunes.

If you don't already follow Crush Party's every move, you really should. The same advice goes for {frolic}. All images from Madderlake Designs. Another thanks to {frolic} for this find.