Thursday, December 2, 2010


The other night, I posted a question on Facebook that stirred up a tornado of a discussion.

Would you rather live poor in Paris or be the wealthiest person in Tennessee?

I certainly meant no disrespect to Tennessee; my grandmother was born and raised there, and I keep many fond memories about that sweet state. It was more about Paris. Paris. And maybe a little about romance versus practicality. For the record, I'm a hopeless romantic.

I love a spirited discussion, don't you? Questions that make you think and interrupt and grab someone's hand and laugh and laugh and laugh always make a good night great.

Here's another one that will probably get me into a little trouble: If you could be totally anonymous for a day, would you rather do all good and have no one ever find out...or would you rather be all naughty and have no one ever find out? 

I'm leaning toward naughty. How about you?

There's another spicy question to get a conversation started over on Cayenne Kisses. Paris via here. And many more questions coming soon to my Etsy shop, which will also be opened soon! I can't wait!