Wednesday, December 1, 2010

If I Were Your Realtor, {Mackin Ink}...

I'm adopting a baby Bernese Mountain Dog to be a not-so-little sister to my big bad wolf, Max. Yesterday, I think Karey Mackin may have named her. Fanny is now on my short list of three.

The least I could do is find Karey a new home. I'd know just the one.

I would start by closing my eyes and dreaming of her ultimate wish list, something I do with every dreamy client. All that would come to mind is turquoise, which is no problem. I can do turquoise.

She would gasp, for certain. And her girlies three would slip off their shoes and start sliding around in their socks. They had been hoping for a slippery living room.

Speaking of the girlies three, there would be nooks and crannies everywhere for their never-ending collections. Even their summertime frogs.

There would be a bedroom made for Grae-Rose. It would match her eyes.

And one for Lillie that would match her dreams.

As for her littlest girlie, Esmé, she'll probably still be sleeping with her mom and dad until she is seventeen, which means a giant master bedroom and bath is in order. This also means Esmé is one of the luckiest little girls in the world. Her mommy deserves this tub.

I will buy her a turquoise hand-towel.

Only her husband would be interested in the kitchen, though. Karey would see the turquoise tiles and three perfect stools and consider herself sold. But her dear "Uncle Sugar" would check the amount of burners and convections and sub-zeroes and test the perfect work triangle before he would be sold. And then he'd tell his smiling wife that it was the turquoise tiles and three perfect stools that sold him.

Karey's new home would be next door to mine. I probably wouldn't tell her until she'd officially unpacked every last bit and bauble and frog, but I'd deliver the news with a double batch of lasagna cupcakes and the promise of sparkly drinks for a lifetime.

Because I think she would be a really fun friend to have right next door.

Turquoise beauties from - in order! - House of Turquoise, Analog DialogLet Her Sink, Hot and Dangerous, Starck Ting, and House of Turquoise again. And please: if you'd like me to be your realtor, just ask! I love coming up with these dream homes for dreamy readers.