Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If I Were Your Realtor...

If I were your realtor, we'd arrange to meet early sunshine o'clock to chat about the new home I've promised to find for you. We'd smile brightly at each other and I'd marvel at how your scarf matched the interior of your satchel.

You'd turn a beautiful shade of pink and tell me you're hoping I find you a home whose front door matches your bag. I'll nod my head and note that now your sweet cheeks match the rest of your accessories perfectly. Pink is definitely your color.

"Here," we say at the same exact time. "This is for you." And would you believe we both have gifts for each other? Well, believe it.

I bought you these because I know you love French pastries but that you are always dieting.

And you bought me a coin purse because you know I never have spare change and that I love bluebirds.

Some people might think that a realtor giving her client a gift and a client giving her realtor a gift is somewhat oddly personal, but they couldn't possibly understand how somewhat oddly personal it is to find someone a home. For the record, it is very somewhat oddly personal.

The first few houses we see are not your home. Close, but not just perfectly right your home. We both agree that we love this kitchen most:

And this tub most:

And this artwork most, even though the Polaroids didn't convey:

We looked and looked and looked some more all day long until we found one of the most perfect homes we'd ever seen. However, it did not have the right door. It just didn't.

And so, our search continues. Somehow, neither of us minds one little bit.

Please click on the photos to visit their homes.