Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sweat Equity...

I've always envisioned my Sweat Equity posts to focus on fantastic renovations and gasp-worthy home improvements, both great and tiny. Well, today is no different. Even though it is different...not to mention fantastically gasp-worthy and sparkly and shimmery!

Part of me is embarrassed to the deepest shade of fuchsia to tell you what I've done, but I also want to share the experience with you. Because it's amazing; one of those things everyone should try once.

Remember when I told you I rarely say no? I was telling the truth. My friend called and begged me to accompany her to Cocktail Wax, which is an incredible spa that specializes in the delicate art of wax. They use only imported French waxes, from emerald-colored Olive Oil to Honey and Chocolate. It's high-end and quite the experience. Especially the Swarovski Crystal Brazilian.

Which I enjoyed immensely yesterday.

There. I'm not pink or embarrassed anymore. Because I honestly believe that it's important to say yes. It's important to try new things. And if diamonds are a girl's best friend, then Swarovski crystals might as well be the perfect friend-with-benefits and no long-term commitment!

What do you think? Would you try it once? I'd love to know!

Image via Cocktail Wax.