Thursday, October 28, 2010

Having a Ball with Masquerade...

I've bought a few fancy masks for the holiday weekend, all feathered and sequined and...perfect.

They give me a little thrill every time I catch a glimpse of them, carefully wrapped in hot pink tissue paper and nestled in a thickly glossed white box perched on the edge of my bedroom armoire.

I can't wait.

But I've also forever been intrigued by make-up as mask. If you've seen me after a stroll through Sephora, you would have known it; I was the one glittering in the sunshine. Growing up, one of my wild and terrifically stylish friends treated ordinary nights out as an opportunity to paint herself into character. I loved it, because the wildest I'd get is a well-placed crystal at the edge of my eye and maybe some minky lashes. 

I may be ready to try something else, though. Halloween makes the daredevil in me come out.

Feathers. Sequins. Perfect.

Also! Speaking of the always incredible Sephora, they have more than a few options if you're making up your own mask this year. Visit them here. As always, all photos are linked back to where I first spied them. Do you think it's okay not to list the names of the links? I worry...