Friday, October 29, 2010

Appreciative Value...

People who don't really know me are usually shocked to hear that I love camping.

But I do.

Ask me to describe my excursions, and I'll rave endlessly about Yosemite and Catalina and Jalama. Seriously; if you ever need someone to chat all night with an elderly relative, just ask me about camping.

But if you ask me to describe my most favorite parts of camping, I'll tell you a different story.

I'll tell you about how the stars look different after you've climbed the Half Dome, as if they were arranged one by one for your sky only as a sweet reward. I'll tell you how your hair will never look more stunning until you've spent a day in the Catalina breeze.

I'll tell you about cute boys with cigars and sweet girls with hot cocoa laced with a dash of Bailey's. I'll tell you how guitars sound better in Yosemite. Sexy winks across the glow of a good campfire look even sexier on Jalama. They just do.

And how spotting a whale or a dolphin or anything else that you don't see on the streets every day never fails to change your life a little.

Ask me to go camping, and I'll forever say yes. Unless you tell me there are no showers available. There's a vast difference between camping in style and down-and-dirty roughing it, don't you agree?

How about you? Do you love glamping (I read that term on another blog last week, and I thought it was brilliant!) or plain old camping? I'd love to hear your preference!

All photos are linked, and from one of the most beautiful editorials ever.