Monday, November 21, 2011


If you've read me for even a minute, you know I'm grateful for the life I've been gifted, and for the one I've worked so hard to make my own. I smile far more than I frown. I give more than I take. I love more than I hate. And no matter the cards I'm dealt, I try to play them with a smile and a wink and fake that I'm holding the perfect hand.

But if I'm being honest with you? There are days when I've got a two of clubs and a ten of spades and a three of hearts and not much else. If you saw me, though, you'd think I'd been given a Royal Flush.

A huge part of gratitude is feeling thankful for all you've got, pushing aside everything you have not. I can handle that, most days. But others, I crave a bigger this, a healthier that, a night made of this, and a life built of that.

If I'm being honest with you? I'm dying to have a Full House.

Tell me what you're grateful for and what's missing, will you? I think our stories have a tendency to come true once they're written and shared...