Friday, November 11, 2011

Eleven, Eleven, Eleven...

There's magic in this day's numbers. It feels like it'll be lucky for us all, I'm betting. And a day to make things happen.

Like love.

Under the full moon last night - as I sipped on potions that stained my lips ruby red and swayed to music that turned my heart into a drum beat, adorned with more silvery glitter than ever that won't be coming out of my hardwood grooves anytime soon - I slowly and surely cut shapes from an old tee that's been with me forever, like a lover I can't seem to shake. Took metallic Sharpies and wrote all my hidden fears on those scraps. Every last one. Even the ones I didn't realize I still held deep.

But they were still there. Still.

I let them stay with me one more night. Like a lover I can't seem to shake, you know?

This morning, just before the skies changed from velvet to chiffon, I set fire to those fears. And, friends? I'm never looking back. That's a promise. 

As the embers glowed, I wrapped myself up in a quilt, poured myself a bubbly concoction, and drank deeply to a toast to my dreams coming true. Yours, too.

Today, I'm making things happen. I'm starting with Love. How about you? Tell me what's going up in flames on this magical Friday of ours?