Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wouldn't This Room...

Oh! Wouldn't this room be perfect for Trina?

I live for her I Want, I Love, I Have posts; she always drags me away from my everyday to somewhere positively fulfilling. She and her four divinely-named la-las - Ella, Luke, Liam Brave, and Rocco - need a craft room like this one. 

I bet she's the kind of mom who dances with her babies. Doesn't worry about glue globs or paint drips or clay ground into the carpet. Lets them have big ideas and miles of scotch tape and poster board and safety scissors galore.

And while I'm pretty sure they could definitely make some killer crafts in this room, I'm more sure that they definitely make magic together no matter where they happen to be.

I love matching people to rooms. Must be the realtor in me! Find this craft room loveliness on Pinterest, of course!