Monday, June 6, 2011

Pottery Class...

Long story a little less long, there had been a tiny mishap which resulted in an entire year of rentals and reconstructive surgeries and rehab. She always left out the tears in the retelling, as she found it best to stick to the facts.

That was just like her, though, and had been true for her entire life; flyaway adjectives and unnecessary verbs were...well...unnecessary. If you asked for her life story, she'd tell you she was in finance and went to work and crunched numbers to make even bigger numbers and then came home and usually ate pho and watered her tomato plants and read a lot because she didn't have cable and went to bed early because she didn't have cable.

Or a lover.

But back to the mishap. Long story a little less long, that little moment changed her in little ways that were actually quite grand. She started using words like gently and gingerly, which fast grew into glittery and tiptoe, which fast grew into weekly pedicures.

She sighed deeply and shook her head at her new self in disgust. "I've turned into a fairy princess. And one who can't even use her left hand..."

Her therapist suggested pottery class, describing it as wonderfully therapeutic, which made her shake her head in disgust again. But she agreed, as was her wont these days, and she showed up at the assigned studio ready to get dirty.

Her first class made her cry. As she was attempting to make an urn or a bowl or a vase or just something other than a brownish grey blob, her instructor walked by in a cloud of old-school Oscar de la Renta and French accent and whispered in her ear "A lot like you, non?"


Long story a little less long, her first class made her cry and she found a lover during her second. He was her first, and between us, he would be her last.

Funnily enough, he called her his fairy princess, and loved her gently and gingerly for the rest of his life. Eventually, she could use her left hand just perfectly. It was usually covered in glitter from the preschool art class she taught four days a week.

Also, in case you're interested, she finally got cable. 

Happy Monday, friends! Hope your weekend dreams came true! Images via my pins, here and here.