Wednesday, May 18, 2011

That Girl...

I met someone a few days ago, and I simply can't get her out of my mind.

She's the type of woman you see from across any room. Any room. Her hair makes you want to grow yours long and wild or chop it all off. Something drastic. Her skin makes you want to drink double eight glasses a day and give up the occasional ciggie, until you see how she downs a Scotch and how often she sneaks away for a smoke. Her clothes are curated over time, her style timeless. She's surrounded by adoring men and absolutely zero women because none of them wants to look dull next to her. She was perfection. 

Until we spoke.

My heart is still kind of crushed. She's sad about something. So far lost that I don't even think she wants to be found. I can't explain it, yet it's really the only thing that's been in my mind for the past few days.

Have you ever met someone like this? Too big for their space? And all you can do is help them find a little opening so they can breathe easier? Girl trying to get out found among my pins.