Monday, April 11, 2011

If You Were My Boyfriend...

We'd drive for hours in your convertible, stopping on a whim at any fruit stand, antique shop, or hot dog pop-up along the way, and you'd make me feel like there's nowhere else you needed to be.

Blackberry off. iPad tucked away. Your world stopped for me.

And if we ever saw an older woman with a flat - even if she was driving a fancy car and most definitely a member of a roadside assistance program and even if she looked sour like she didn't need your help - you'd pull over to help.

Your world would stop just for her, and she'd feel that to her toes. Maybe she'd remember a time when a different man's world stopped just for her. Maybe I'd see her remember him, and miss you like crazy already.

Maybe she'd soften her glare and turn it into a gaze. In between her Thank you very much and I do appreciate your kindness, she might even tell me you're a keeper.

My heart might agree.

My big bad wolf Max loves car rides, especially in convertibles. You may pick him up anytime! Photo found on Pinterest here.