Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If I Was Your Girl...

If I was your girl, I'd listen to you when you told me the smell of lavender melted you. And oh, if I was your girl, I would really want to melt you.

And so I'd set off to L'Occitane for lavender-laced fragrance for my home, and to Jo Malone to scent my skin. I'd stock up on bubble bath, hand-soaps, sachets, and teas...all tinged with that touch of purple. So that the next time you walked in to me, you'd melt.

I wouldn't be expecting your cough or your clear confusion. "Lilac," you'd choke, trying your damnedest not to laugh. "It's lilac that makes me weak."

If I was your girl, we'd laugh together until tears spilled from our eyes...and you kissed mine away. And then you'd marvel a minute. "You listen to me."

I would. If I was your girl.

Also, if I was your girl, you'd know to pick me dandelions. I do enjoy a good wish every now and again. Freckles from here.