Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tending Bar...

I love a genius cocktail, all the way from the initial order and the bartender's smooth mixology to the very first sip. I've done Cosmopolitans and Dirty Martinis and Caipirinhas and pretty much every other hot cocktail out there, but I'm dying for something fresh-to-me.

Have you any suggestions? I love trying new things.

I'm also smitten with a well-stocked bar at home, which I think is a severely underrated feature by most of my friends and most definitely a skill. This guide was the friendliest when I decided to build my own beautiful bar, from liquor to tools.

(Between us, I'm addicted to the tools; I collect jiggers and swizzle sticks like a mad-woman!) 

A few weekends ago, I was out with my girls. One of my bests always takes control of ordering for us all, and shrugs off our impressed Oohs! "I grew up with brothers who played Rugby," she explains, as if that's in any way an explanation! I told her I wanted lessons, but then I found this article on one of my latest obsessions, The Dude Society.

Friends? It is pretty magic stuff. Everything you need to know to be that girl...the confident one flirting with the bartender and telling him exactly the way she likes it.

Next weekend, that girl is me.

Cocktails for you found here and here.