Thursday, March 24, 2011

If I Was Your Girl...

If I was your girl, I'd want to be the one to invent those butterflies that live in your stomach. They would only come out to play when I was near or whenever I popped into your mind, which would mean that they were flying around most of the day and interrupting your sleep all of the night.

But if I was your girl, you wouldn't mind the sleepless one bit. It would give you more time awake with me.

If I was your girl, I'd beg you to sleep on the outside of the bed, closest to the closet, just in case monsters are real. I'd learn all the differences between barley wine, cider, and mead, and eventually I'd love it all just as much as tea. Well, almost as much. I'd ask for your help hanging pictures in my house, and hold them up while wearing those jeans that make you swoon...and not much else.

"How does this look?" I'd not-so-innocently ask.

"A little to the left," you'd suggest. "Now turn around and come here."

Yes. Home improvement would be considerably more fun if I was your girl.

When I'd call you in the middle of the day, you'd surprise me with your accent du jour. I'd surprise you with a suggestion of what we could do together later. Accents have that effect on me. You'd turn a little red and laugh so hard that your co-workers would wonder what was going on. If I was your girlfriend, there would be a lot going on. Bank on it.

I'd want you to act like a carefree boy and a responsible man, all at once. I'll be a mystery to you and a puzzle sometimes, but I'll make complete sense when you close your eyes and kiss me.

Kiss me. Kiss me. Mmmm. Where was I? Oh, yes. If I was your girl, you'd kiss me all the time. And I wouldn't care one bit if I got lost in you.

That's where I was. That's where I will be. With you. If I was your girl...

Tell me: If you were someone's girl, what's the one thing you'd be sure to be? Beautiful found here and here.