Friday, March 11, 2011


It's the last day I'm going to rave about Sabrina Ward Harrison's The True and the Questions here on Souled, but I'm going to continue with the journal until every inch of every page is covered with goodness. 

It's just so worth the effort. I already feel my heart growing, if that's even possible!

Speaking of goodness, the latest prompt that's stealing all my thoughts is What brings me goodness?

I think about this a lot. There's an abundance of goodness in my life, and I sometimes wonder how I won the love lottery. 

I have family who are my best friends, and best friends who are more like family. I've pursued a career that's more fun than work, and work equally as hard to make my non-working hours just as enjoyable. When I give a gift, it's like I'm actually getting one. And when I'm given a gift, it feels like I'm getting two. My outlook is happy, grateful, and twinkling even when it's darkest. Because there's got to be at least one other star shining even on the loneliest night. I believe that.

How did I win the love lottery? I have no idea, but I wonder if some of the goodness comes from my blurred vision.

Everything's a little more beautiful with tears in your eyes.

This was a beautiful way to end my week. Thanks for listening to me! Thinking about and answering (publicly!) these questions really makes me grateful and more present. I like those feelings. As always, I'd love to hear your answers...what brings you goodness? Photos plucked from my Pinterest boards, here and here.