Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If I Were Your Realtor, Thanksgiving Edition...

If I were your realtor, I'd wish for you to have the biggest home on the block; not in terms of square footage, but in terms of love.

It would be big enough to host Thanksgiving dinner for thirty of your closest and dearest, with ten or so more coming later for dessert. It would have sunlight streaming across the kitchen and comfy couches and a chess board.

It would have a quiet room for your niece to nap, far enough from the kitchen so she wouldn't wake from the wine corks and laughter...but close enough to steal away and peek in on her in between ingredients. It would have a backyard big enough for football, a foyer closet grand enough for all the coats and wraps, and an attic big enough for all the memories you'd make.

And it would have toasts. Many, many toasts to you and yours for a happy life and a never-ending chime of thank yous for it all.

If I were your realtor - and even if I wasn't - I'd wish all this for you. Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

Photos via Not My Beautiful Home, Superior Interiors and Yum Yums! Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and I'll meet you back here next week!