Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweat Equity...

I adore long, flowing locks. It's a little obsession of mine, I guess.

I've always thought that a woman is born either a long-hair lover or a short-hair paramour. It starts young; some of us treated Barbie's hair like a treasure, while others were happiest when she looked a little more like Ken. Many of us have dared to chop it all off or grow it all out, but we always seem more infatuated with ourselves with one or the other, don't we?

(Confession: As much as I love my length, number sixteen on my Life List is to do tapas in Spain with cropped, cropped hair, chili-pepper red lipstick, and the most daring little back dress of all time. Oh, the very thought of it makes my heart race. Calling travel agent now!)

I'll never forget one of my friend's wails after a drastic haircut. "Why did I ever think I'd look like Audrey Hepburn?!" For the record, Audrey Hepburn was the only one who looked like Audrey Hepburn. That's a good thing to remember.

When I see other women with gorgeous hair, I stare. I unabashedly stare. Because I think it's perfectly cool to learn from each other about what rocks and what should've stayed at home sick. 

So I'll tell you a secret of mine. A few times a week, I head to drybar for a brilliant blowout. No cuts. No color. Just sexy blowouts for $35. I usually go for the Cosmopolitan, which is loose curls. But there are days when there's nothing that will brighten my mood like a messy and beachy Mai Tai.

It's huge in L.A. Do you have anything like this in your area? I'd love to hear your take on this!

Learn more about drybar here. Or watch this super cute video of their newest location in Studio City here. Have a wonderful day, everyone!